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I decided to start making hats from a long love of the old west; especially old hats.  My wife tells me that I was born in the wrong century because I’m out of my element in this day and age.  She’s probably right!  I love everything about the old cowboys of the west and what it represents.  Horses and cowboying are a part of my life that won’t go away until the day they bury me in the dirt.  So, to go along with that,  I believe a cowboy needs a good hat.  To go even farther than that, I believe any person needs a good hat.  One that fits right, feels and looks good to the person wearing it.  I personally know that when I’m wearing my favorite hat, it gives me a sense of confidence and satisfaction.  I’m a perfectionist and love many different generes of art.  I believe making hats is a great art.  If you love what you do, it will show in the finished product.


Craig Staker, Hatter




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Down By Kanab driving Long horn cattle.




Been shoeing since 1990

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Driving long horn cattle


Giving people rides at the corn maze