The Cowboy Outfit.

The hat of the cowboy is one of the typical and striking of his costume, and one upon which he always bestows the greatest of care. The tenderfoot is known upon the range by his hat. He thinks it correct to wear a wide white hat, and so buys one for a couple of dollars. He is pained and grieved to find that at the ranch he is derided for wearing a “wool hat,” and he is still more disconnected with his head covering when he finds that the first heavy rain has caused it to lop down and lose all  its shape. The cowboy riding by his side wears a heavy white felt hat with a heavy leather band buckled about it, which perhaps he bought five years before at a cost of $15 or $20; but he refers with pride to the fact that it is a “genuine Stetson, and ‘a shore good un.”  If you buy a staker custom hat you will be saying that it is shore a good un.



Boss of the plains hat..

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