A Custom Cowboy Hat is Hand Made

A custom Cowboy hat is made by hand one hat at a time. There are no big mas producing machines used to make a custom cowboy hat. I use tools that date back to the 1800’s as well as the skills and techniques. Isn’t it great that you can still get a custom made hat in these times.   Custom Cowboy hats are also custom fitted so you get a hat that fits like a glove. There is nothing better than wearing a cowboy hat that fits like it belongs on your head. Another great thing about getting a custom made cowboy hat is that you get to have your hat built  the way you want it. You pick your color of fur felt, quality weather you want 100% Beaver ,r 50% beaver  or European Hare , size of crown, length of brim, shape of crown and shape of brim. This way you can get the hat you have always wanted.


Canadian Rider

Custom Hand Made Cowboy Hat


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