Custom made cowboy hats

At Staker Custom Hats you will get a great fit and a high quality custom made cowboy hat. Craig the hatter  is very artistic. He started  painting native Americans and cowboys back in 1984. He has also made a lot of jewelry since 1991. He has been using his artistic talents for the past 24 years in helping Dentists to create beautiful smiles for there patients. He knows what it is to make a custom product by hand and make it fit and look like it belongs there. He has the talent for duplicating objects so they look alike. He uses these same talents to create his custom made hats and make them a work of art. He was taught by a hatter  who’s business has been around since 1853. He loves to play cowboy and help a friend gather his long horn cattle in the spring and drive them in the fall. He has been shoeing horses since 1990 and enjoys training horses too.

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