Cowboys of the Old West

The cowboy of the old west had a certain wardrobe that was standard among cowboys. He wore his boots that were to small for his feet. They weren’t for walking because he didn’t do much walking just rode his horse every where. He didn’t wear a starched collared shirt. His shirt was loose fitting and did have a color with several buttons in the front. His trousers were held up with suspenders or with his gun belt. He wore shotgun chaps or batwing chaps .Most of the cowboys wore shotgun shaps. A lot of the cowboys wore vests and the ones that did wear them . They wore them unbuttoned so that they didn’t sweat and then cool of later. They wore bandanas around their necks to keep the sun off their necks and the dust out of their mouths. One of their most important items of their wardrobe was their hat. The cowboy hat protected them from all sorts of weather. It had to be a beaver hat to keep its shape after it rained or snowed. The hat of choice back then was a Boss of the Plains hat.



Boss of the plains distressed

Boss of the plains hat

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