Hats in the 1800’s

The American Cowboy in the 1800’s had a certain wardrobe that was common among the cowboys. One of the most important item of there wardrobe was there hat. The Cowboy hat was important because it protected them from the weather. In the summer the blazing sun tried to bake and burn them. There were no recorded cases of sun stroke. Had they worn straw or bowler hats that wouldn’t have been the case. The cowboy typically wore light colored hats  just for that reason that is kept their head cooler. In the winter they took their neckerchief and tied it down to keep their ears worm and from getting frost bitten.  The hat that they wore  was a boss of the plains hat. It had a open crown and flat brim. They were never seen without it day or night.


Boss of Plains Distressed 1

Boss of the plains hat

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