The Cowboy Hat

Today there are many styles of cowboy hats and there aren’t as many working cowboys as there was in the 1800’s. Back in the 1800’s the cowboy didn’t have many choices of different styles. They had the Boss of the Plains hat which had an open crown and a flat brim. The creases were dents and areas where the cowboy would grab his hat repeatedly. In the 1800’s the Boss of the Plains hat wasn’t just for looks. The cowboy hat protected the cowboy from the elements. It shaded them from the hot suns rays. There were no recorded cases of sun stroke because of the cowboy hat. They would sleep with it between the ground and their hips to stay warm . They also used their bandanas and tied it over the hat to keep their ears warm. It was an umbrella when it rained. The cowboy hat has many uses and it makes a cowboy look like a cowboy.



Boss of plains side of boots

Custom made Boss of the Plains hat


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