Hat maker in Utah

There is a hat maker in Northern Utah. Staker Custom Hats is located in Farr West Utah. Now there  is finally a custom hat shop in Northern Utah where people can go to get the hat they have always wanted. With a custom hat shop you can get a custom fit too. I have a measuring device to measure the shape  of your head. Everyone has a different head shaped head and some heads take a custom hat to feel right on your head. You want a hat that wont blow off in a strong wind or when you canter your horse, but you don’t want it to make a mark on your forehead. With a custom fit you will have a hat that feels like it belongs there and it doesn’t need to break in to feel that way. With a custom hat you can design it with the hatter to get the perfect hat with the perfect look.


Vintage photos of hats April 2015 050






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