The Boss of the Plains Cowboy hat

The Cowboy hat that won the west is the Boss of the Plains Hat. It is the hat that the cowboys wore in the 1800’s . The Boss of the Plains hat protected the cowboys from extreme temperatures in the summer and winter. The Boss of the Plains Hat was made of beaver fur felt wich made it shed water in a rain storm and wet snow in the winter with out loosing its shape. The shape of a Boss of the Plains hat had an open crown with a flat brim and the cowboys didn’t but their hats wit creases or shaped in any way. The shapes were dents that the cowboys put there when they would grab their hat by the crown. The brim was also shaped by the way they would grab it. The cowboys hat was an important part of his wardrobe. He wore it day and most nights especially in the winter months. He felt out of sorts without it on. The only time  he was with out his hat is when he was a sleep in the summer nights and when the bronk he was riding would get rid of it instead of him. The Boss of the Plains was the hat that won the west.



Boss on saddle horn

Boss of the Plains Hat

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