A custom hat

A custom hat has to do with felting. Felting is a process, not a material – that’s why we call it “felted fur”. Felting is a heating under moisture and pressure that makes the individual hairs twist and angulate around each other in every direction imaginable. That’s why the beaver hair (which is much smaller) […]

Quality of fur felt

Beaver fur is the standard for measuring a hat’s quality, the higher the percentage of beaver in a hat the better the hat quality. Beaver fur, felts tighter, which results in a dense, light weight, thin hat which holds its shape in the rain longer than a lesser quality hat. The more densely felted the hat […]

Western Custom Hats

Our western custom hats are made of 100% beaver and 50% beaver with 50% European hare. The 100% beaver western custom hats are the best you can get. Nothing is better than 100% beaver. That is what the working cowboy wanted to wear. My western custom hats are the kind of hats that todays working […]